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Patient Testimonials

We noted vomiting after the introduction of solids; mega-eosphagus was confirmed by barium x-ray in September. Biddy was immediately put on M.E. feeding protocols according toBiddy 1 traditional management. Vomiting continued, biddy3multiple respiratory problems ensued. Homeopathy effective on respiratory problems, but vomiting continued. Puppy kept with liter as much as possible until after the 7th week, at which point she was managed separately. At 9 1/2 weeks, we noted the first loss of weight, although she was emaciated before, now she was dehydrated, wasting muscle. We sought alternative treatment in acupuncture in late October and developed our own formula based on Dr. Pitcarin's book "Natural Health for Dogs and Cats." After an initial aggravation of symptoms, Biddy steadily improved. Vomiting ceased entirely. By January, Biddy weighed in at 40lbs.

Suzie was a rescued beagle who was diagnosed with a ruptured disc in her neck and had surgery after conservative treatment failed to restore motor function. She had a follow-up surgery January 7th, 2002 and was still a quadraplegic unable to even raise her head.
Her first acupuncture treatment was January 17th and continued weekly with noticable improvement after 3-4 weeks. By the end of March Suzie was walking again and continued to improve with each treatment. She became active and happy once again with a tail that never stopped wagging!


Dr. Clare Seagren
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